Got Rechargeable Batteries? Heed the Call2Recycle!

Did you know it’s illegal to dispose of rechargeable batteries in the trash? Because rechargeable batteries contain heavy metals, they are classified as a Hazardous Waste. Whereas metals like lead, cadmium, zinc, and cobalt can pollute land and water when improperly disposed of, when recycled, these heavy metals from batteries can be reclaimed and used to make new batteries. Recycling rechargeable batteries not only reduces pollution, it conserves natural resources and reduces the energy costs involved in making new materials.

There are several different types of rechargeable batteries: lithium ion, nickel cadmium, small sealed lead acid, and nickel metal hydride. All rechargeable batteries different from single-use batteries (like common household AA, AAA, 9V and D-cell batteries). Single-use batteries cannot be recharged and must be disposed of once they run out of charge. You can find out how to properly dispose of single-use batteries here.

Portable walkie-talkies, cordless power tools & cell phones all use rechargeable batteries.

One of the most common types of rechargeable batteries are cell phone batteries. Rechargeable batteries are also found in cordless phones, laptops, cameras, cordless power tools, etc.

The good news about recycling rechargeable batteries is that there are many convenient drop-off locations around the country. Call2Recycle, a product stewardship program devised of battery manufacturers, has been recycling all types of batteries for over 20 years. Call2Recycle has partnered with retail locations to provide drop-off boxes for rechargeable battery recycling free of charge.

Not sure if you have single-use or rechargeable batteries? Check out the Battery Recycling Guide from Call2Recycle and watch the video below to learn more.

You can dispose of rechargeable batteries in the City of Torrance:

Take to a designated Call2Recycle drop-off location. Click here for a complete list of Call2Recycle drop-off locations.


What happens after you drop-off your rechargeable batteries? Check out this infographic from Call2Recycle on the lifecycle of your old batteries.

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