Plastic #4 (LDPE)

Put in Garbage
Plastic Bag

No Plastic Bags in Curbside Recycling

Many plastic bags are labeled plastic #2 or #4, but they are too thin to recycle with hard plastics and will get caught in recycling machinery. Find out how to dispose of plastic bags, including dry cleaning bags and bread bags.


Help Prevent Litter

Plastic #4 is a lightweight material that easily finds its way into the environment, where it can leach toxic chemicals. Dispose of it properly to prevent it from becoming litter.

Did You Know?

What Items Are Made From Plastic #4?

Plastic #4 is used to make flexible plastics including plastic shopping bags, bread bags, dry cleaning bags, sandwich and snack bags, and squeezable bottles and tubes.

What Plastic #4 Can Become

Plastic #4 can be recycled into shipping envelopes, paneling, tiles, plastic lumber, trash can liners and trash cans.