ABS Plastic

Put in Garbage

ABS Is Plastic #7

ABS is plastic type #7, or “other” plastic. Learn more about plastic #7.


Don’t Let ABS Plastic Overheat

ABS plastic can be damaged by sunlight, so keep it out of direct sun. It also has a low melting point, so keep it away from any open flames.

Ways to Reuse


Repurpose Failed 3D Prints

If you are a 3D printer hobbyist, with a little work, you can repair, reuse or even recycle your failed prints into new ABS printing material at home. Learn how from 3drific.com.

Did You Know?

What Items Are Made From ABS Plastic?

ABS plastic is a very durable material as long as it’s kept cool and out of direct sunlight, which is why it is used in 3D printing, kids’ toys (including LEGO bricks), computer parts such as keyboards, automotive and aircraft parts, plumbing, helmets, furniture, luggage and other containers.