Baby Items

Alternative ways to recycle
Put in Garbage

Electric Items Are E-Waste

Anything powered by batteries or electricity, such as a baby monitor, is considered e-waste. Find out how to dispose of e-waste here.

Doesn’t Fit in Your Garbage?

Any items that do not fit in your garbage need to be disposed of properly. Find out what to do with bulky items here.

Alternative Ways to Recycle

Recycle Torn, Stained or Worn Clothing

Drop off clothing that is torn, stained or worn out at stores that accept clothes for recycling. Some major clothing recyclers include Goodwill, The Salvation Army, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Savers, Blue Jeans Go Green, American Textile Recycling Service and USAgain.

Mail in Your Baby Gear to be Recycled

Terracycle has a recycling program where you can mail in any brand of non-electronic baby products, including feeding bottles, pacifiers, play mats, small plastic toys, teething rings, car seats, and more. For further information about the program and how to send in your items, visit their website here.

Ways to Reduce

Buy Baby Items Secondhand

You can find lightly used or like-new baby items at thrift shops, garage sales, or online marketplaces such as Nextdoor and Facebook Marketplace. Help reduce your carbon footprint and reuse what’s already in circulation!

Ways to Reuse

Sell or Donate Unwanted Items

Children grow quickly, so many used items are still in excellent condition and can be sold on online marketplaces such as Nextdoor and Facebook Marketplace, given as hand-me-downs to friends or neighbors, or donated to thrift stores, shelters or charities.