Battery Chargers

Alternative ways to recycle
Illegal in Garbage & Drains
Hazardous Waste

Never Throw in the Garbage

Battery chargers are banned from the trash because they contain metals and corrosive chemicals that contaminate the environment if not properly processed.


Lithium-Ion Batteries Cause Fires

Battery chargers can contain lithium-ion batteries, which are sensitive and can start fires when put in the garbage or curbside recycling. Always dispose of rechargeable batteries and devices properly to keep sanitation workers safe.

Alternative Ways to Recycle

The Big Green Box Battery Recycling Program

The Big Green Box is a mail-in battery recycling program for both residences and businesses. Their system is simple: order a box, fill it with used batteries, and ship it back to the company’s EPA-approved recycling center. Learn more.

Recycle With AutoZone

AutoZone is a nationwide retailer of aftermarket car parts that accepts used auto battery chargers at their retail stores. Find a store.

Did You Know?

Rechargeable Devices Start Garbage and Recycling Fires

All rechargeable devices contain rechargeable batteries. These batteries are sensitive to contact and pressure, so if they get tossed in the garbage or regular recycling, they can easily start fires in garbage trucks or at recycling facilities. Keep sanitation workers safe by making sure your electronic devices are disposed of properly.