Beverage Containers

Recycle Curbside

Take your CRV-eligible beverage containers to one of the following CRV Buyback Centers. Call ahead to find out what items are accepted.

Ponce Recycling
19800 Hawthorne Blvd, #414, Torrance | (323) 533-4862
Map & Directions

Better Global Recycling 
5035 Pacific Coast Hwy, Torrance | (310) 860-3067
Map & Directions

Ambit Pacific Recycling
16228 S Figueroa St, Gardena | (310) 538-3798
Map & Directions

Gardena Recycling Center
1538 W. 134th St, Gardena | (310) 516-8195
Map & Directions 


Check If Eligible for CRV

Check the label to see if a container is eligible for CRV (California Redemption Value): it will say CA Redemption Value, California Cash Refund, CA CRV, or CA Cash Refund. Aluminum cans are labeled on the top of the can, and plastic or glass containers are labeled on the side.

Rinse Out Before Recycling

Empty and rinse out beverage containers before redeeming them for cash. Moisture and dirt contaminate the recycling. The attendant may reject a pile if it is excessively contaminated.

What's Eligible for CRV

The following beverage containers are eligible for CRV: beer and malt beverages, wine coolers and distilled spirit coolers, carbonated drinks (fruit, water or soft), non-carbonated drinks (fruit, water, soft), coffee and tea beverages, 100 percent fruit juice less than 46 ounces, vegetable juice 16 ounces or less, and sports drinks.

What's Not Eligible for CRV

The following beverage containers are not eligible for CRV: milk, medical food, wine, spirits, 100% fruit juice more than 46 ounces, vegetable juice more than 16 ounces, and food & non-beverage containers.