Bread Bags

Put in Garbage

Bread bags are a type of plastic film. Plastic film includes wraps, bags, and flexible packaging. It is not ideal for curbside recycling collection because it can jam sorting equipment, causing mechanical issues.

There are many participating plastic film drop-off locations that can ensure these bags get recycled. Only items that are clean and dry will be accepted, so be sure the bags are completely empty and clean of residue  Not all types of plastic film are accepted at all locations. Confirm acceptability prior to drop-off.

If you are not planning on taking bread bags to a dedicated plastic film recycling location, then please place them in the trash container.

bread crumbs

Clean Out Crumbs

When recycling plastic bread bags, always empty out the crumbs because food can contaminate the recycling process.

twist ties

Toss Tags and Twist Ties

Tags and twist ties cannot be recycled, so they should be thrown in the trash.