Special Instructions

Bricks = C&D Waste
Bricks are considered construction and demolition (C&D) waste, so they need to be disposed of at a C&D facility. For complete information about disposal of the full range of construction materials, visit the Construction & Demolition page.

Trash Bin

Don't Throw Away Bricks

Bricks are a common, in-demand building material and can easily be repurposed. Other construction debris must also be disposed of properly; otherwise, heavy metals can leach into the soil, contaminating the environment.

Plan Before Demolition

Bricks are more likely to be repurposed if they are structurally sound. Recover more high-quality bricks by sorting them during the demolition instead of afterwards. For smaller demolition projects, you can separate bricks from waste and neatly stack them.

Ways to Reduce


Sell to Habitat for Humanity

Reuse or give away bricks whenever possible. If you don’t have another project planned, try selling them to a salvage company, or anywhere that sells used building materials, such as the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.