Broken Light Bulbs

Hazardous Waste Put in Garbage

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Do Not Mix with Glass Recyclables
The materials used to make halogen & incandescent bulbs are non-toxic, so it’s OK to place these broken bulbs in the trash. Although they are made of glass, do not place them in the recycling container.


Fluorescent Bulbs Are Hazardous Waste

Never throw fluorescent bulbs in the trash because they contain mercury. Before cleaning up this type of broken bulb, air out the room for 15 minutes. Next, scoop pieces into a container and store it outside until you can dispose of it as Household Hazardous Waste.


LED Bulbs OK in Trash

Broken LED bulbs can go in the trash. Dispose of them like other broken glass, in a sealed container. If you don’t have one, wrap the pieces up securely in newspaper, tape it shut, and label it. Labeling broken glass helps protect sanitation workers from injury.


Extra Precautions for Halogen Bulbs

Broken halogen bulbs can be thrown in the trash, but air out the room for 15 minutes before cleaning up. Dispose of them like other broken glass, in a sealed and labeled container, or taped up with newspaper.