Christmas Trees (Real)

Put in Organics Bin

Trees six feet or shorter can be placed directly into your green waste container without being cut in half and will be collected during normal collection times.

For flocked trees: Cut the tree in half and place in your black refuse container. They cannot be recycled.

If you are not using your green waste container:

The City of Torrance will provide curbside collection to recycle your unflocked tree. Please remove all tinsel, ornaments, and stands and cut the tree in half.

From December 26, 2023, to January 18, 2024: Place the tree at the curb at least four feet from your collection containers by 7:00 a.m. on your regularly scheduled collection day. If your tree is over 6 feet tall, please cut it in half.  A separate truck will collect the trees to use as mulch and landfill cover.

After January 18, 2024: Unflocked trees must be cut up and placed in the green waste container. Flocked trees must be cut up and placed in the black refuse container for removal.

For businesses and multi-family homes that do not have Torrance trash service, contact your private waste hauler to inquire about Christmas tree collection and other recycling program information. The large item collection program will not be available during the Christmas tree recycling program. The last day to call and schedule your large item collection for 2023 is December 8th. Scheduling for large item collection will begin again on January 8th. 

Find holiday collection schedule and map here. 

LA COUNTY: Fire Stations
Select fire station locations will accept Christmas trees until mid-January. They will not be accepting holiday wrapping and packaging material. Please remove all ornaments, decorations, tinsel, and the stand from the tree prior to dropping it off. For a complete list of participating drop-off locations including mulching facilities, one-day recreational park drop-offs, and fire stations – learn more at

Eco-Friendly Tips
For a more eco-friendly, sustainable Christmas tree option, try a living (potted) Christmas tree at “Living Christmas” a non-profit organization. Note that the city does not endorse specific businesses but provides options to the public.

Go to LA County’s “Helpful Holiday Hints for Waste Reduction” for tips on holiday waste reduction.


Remove All Ornaments, Lights and Tinsel

Before you recycle your live Christmas tree, make sure that it is free of all ornaments, lights and tinsel.

Flocked Christmas Tree

Flocked Trees Are Not Recyclable

If your tree has flocking (sprayed-on fake snow), it can’t be recycled and will have to go in the trash instead.

Ways to Reduce

Christmas Potted Plant

Decorate a Potted Tree Instead

It may be unconventional, but skipping the traditional Christmas tree (real or fake) altogether and decorating a potted tree you’ve bought or have in your home is a truly green way to have a tree for the holidays.

Plant Tree

Buy a Rooted Tree and Plant It After the Holidays

Next holiday season, buy a tree with roots (it can be balled and burlap or containerized) and plant it in your yard after you use it.

Did You Know?

Christmas Trees as Job Creators

According to the National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA), the Christmas tree industry employs more than 100,000 people in the United States.

The Environmental Benefits of Christmas Trees

Although they’re planted just to be cut down and used as a decoration once they’ve reached maturity, Christmas tree farms have a positive impact on the environment. Each acre of Christmas trees produces enough oxygen for the daily needs of 18 people.