Gas Leaf Blowers

Put in Garbage

Remove All Gas and Oil

Gas and oil must be removed from the leaf blower prior to disposal. Learn how to safely dispose of fuel and used oil.

Too Big for Garbage?

If your empty leaf blower doesn’t fit in your garbage, dispose of it with other bulky items.

Metal Pieces Are Scrap Metal

The metal parts of your leaf blower can be disposed of with scrap metal. Remove plastic pieces and place them in the garbage. Find out what to do with scrap metal.

Ways to Reduce

Take Care of Your Leaf Blower

Taking good care of a leaf blower will improve its performance and extend its lifespan. Maintenance may include cleaning the filter, giving the leaf blower proper fuel, and preparing it for seasonal storage. Learn basic tips for leaf blower maintenance.

Ways to Reuse

Still Working? Donate It

If your leaf blower is still in working condition, consider selling it, donating it or giving it away.