Horse Manure

Special Instructions

Do Not Spread in Horse Pastures

Spreading horse manure in horse pastures can spread parasites among the horses. If putting manure in a horse pasture, do so during hot, dry weather and wait 2-4 weeks before letting horses back into that pasture.

Pet Waste Goes in the Garbage

Avoid Stockpiling Manure

Large piles of manure are a water contamination hazard and also create a breeding ground for flies.

Ways to Reuse

Compost On-Site

Add manure to a compost on-site. Manure breaks down to half its volume after composting. Finished compost can be used on-site or sold to nearby farmers, gardeners and landscapers.

Use It as Fertilizer

Use horse manure to fertilize fields and gardens. Spread manure in a thin layer to discourage fly breeding.

Take to Landscape Supply or Compost Facilities

Facilities that sell compost or topsoil can typically accept livestock waste at no cost or low cost.

Take to Farmers or Nurseries

Many crop farmers can put manure to good use in their fields.

Trade for Other Livestock Manure

Some horse owners arrange deals to swap manure with owners of different types of livestock. You can apply other types of manure to your pastures without worrying about reinfecting horses with parasites.

Did You Know?

How Much Manure?

On average, an adult horse produces over 30 pounds of manure a day.