Laundry Baskets

Recycle Curbside

If your plastic laundry basket is not made of plastic #1, #2, or #5, please toss it in the trash.  


Plastic Baskets are Recyclable

Laundry baskets are made out of plastic #5. If plastic #5 is recyclable in your area, break down the basket before recycling it.


Do Not Compost Wicker

Some wicker baskets are made from natural fibers but some are not. For this reason, these baskets should not be composted, so place in the trash.


Cloth or Collapsible Baskets

If your laundry basket is collapsible or made of cloth, it cannot be recycled. Separate cloth components from metal or plastic frames to dispose of with clothing and textiles.

Ways to Reuse

Organize Your Home

Use unwanted laundry baskets as organizers for your home. They can help keep kids’ toys, sports equipment or pet supplies all in one place, or serve as great organizers for your car to hold jumper cables and other auto supplies.


Turn Into a Planter

An old wicker laundry basket can be repurposed as a decorative planter for your home.