Meal Kit Packaging

Special Instructions

Boxes and Paper Are Recyclable

The cardboard box your meals are shipped in, cardboard dividers, paper trays and recipe cards are all made of paper. These pieces of your meal kit can be placed in the recycling.

Ice Packs Are Garbage

Gel from ice packs will clog drains, so never pour them out. Be sure to toss ice packs in the garbage.

Plastic Bags Are Plastic Film

Clean, dry plastic bags can be recycled separately with other plastic film.

Plastic Clamshells, Bottles and Jars

If these type of containers are smaller than three inches wide, toss them in the garbage. These containers are too small to be processed properly in most recycling facilities. If larger than three inches, check the container’s resin code —  a number between 1 and 7 — and follow disposal instructions for that type of plastic.

Insulating Materials

If your kit comes with insulating materials, disposal depends on the material. Paper or cardboard insulators go in recycling. Plastic insulating material, such as foam or reflective bubble wrap, goes in the garbage.

Ways to Reduce

Cook at Home

Once you’ve gotten the hang of making a few meals, keep the recipe cards and cook at home. You’ll create less waste and save money!

Ways to Reuse

Reuse Ice Packs

Keep the ice packs from your meal kits to reuse at home. They work great for short trips with a cooler and can also be used on sore muscles.

Reuse Reflective Bubble Wrap

Keep reflective bubble wrap for shipping or storing fragile items.

Upcycle Plastic Containers

Have a bunch of non-recyclable plastic containers from your meal kits lying around? Check out these ways to upcycle them.