Milk Jugs

Recycle Curbside

Rinse Completely

Thoroughly rinse out all milk jugs before you recycle them. Mold will grow if there is any trace of leftover milk, which can lead to an entire load being thrown out.

Leave Caps Attached

It’s OK to recycle caps and lids as long as they are still attached to their original plastic containers.

Don't Crush Plastic

Crushing items may save space, but it makes it harder for optical sorting technology to properly sort plastic items. Help plastic recyclables get sorted correctly by leaving them in their original shape.

Ways to Reuse

Make a Handy Scoop

With its convenient handle, a milk jug makes a great scoop for gardening, dog food, or for the kids’ sandbox. Just cut the bottom off with a pair of scissors.

Did You Know?

Most Eco-Friendly Milk Container? Plastic or Glass, Not the Carton

Glass is often considered the most eco-friendly milk container because it’s the easiest to reuse and it is endlessly recyclable, but its ingredients aren’t renewable and it’s heavy to transport. Plastic is easily recycled (although recovery rates are lower than they should be), but it often winds up being downcycled, which means it’s turned into products that can’t be recycled. Cartons never come out on top, because they’re not easily recyclable and frequently end up in the landfill. Read more on

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