Large Item Pickup

Large mirrors can be disposed of through our Large Item Pickup program. Small mirrors — or small pieces of a broken mirror — can be placed in the trash.


Do Not Mix With Glass Recycling

Mirrors cannot be recycled with glass bottles. The melting temperature for mirrors is higher than other glass recyclables.


Safely Transport a Whole Mirror

Whole mirrors can be set next to the garbage for pickup but need to be wrapped first. Use strong tape to make an “X” across the mirror, and then wrap in bubble wrap or a blanket. Finally, attach a piece of paper that says “glass” or “mirror.”


Carefully Dispose of Broken Mirror

Wear gloves and eye protection when disposing of broken glass. Find out how to dispose of broken glass.

Ways to Reduce

Donate to a Thrift Store

Consider donating usable mirrors to a thrift shop instead of throwing them away. Glass will not break down in a landfill.

Ways to Reuse


Upcycle Old Mirrors

Glass from a broken mirror can be used on your next crafting project. You can create an ornament, mosaic or a backsplash in your bathroom or kitchen. View more craft ideas.

Paint or Reframe Your Mirror

If your mirror is still in good condition but you hate the frame, consider painting your old frame a new color or having the glass reframed in a style you like.