Motor Oil Containers (Empty)

Alternative ways to recycle
Put in Garbage

Though made of plastic, empty motor oil containers are not accepted for recycling. Please make sure the are drip-dry empty before placing in the black refuse container.

Find out how to dispose of any remaining motor oil.

Do Not Reuse Empties

Putting other chemicals or products in an empty motor oil bottle is dangerous. You can inadvertently create toxic byproducts when the chemicals mix with the motor oil residue.

Alternative Ways to Recycle

Take to Service Stations

Just like with used motor oil and filters, you can take empty motor oil containers to an auto shop or service station. Find a shop or service station that’s certified.

Did You Know?

What Happens to Recycled Motor Oil

Used motor oil can be cleaned and recycled, which helps keep it out of waterways. Recycled oil is then used to make heating oil, asphalt and other petroleum-based products. It is usually not recycled and resold as motor oil.