Paint Brushes and Rollers

Put in Garbage

Only Dry Paint in Trash

Only put paint and items with paint on them in the trash if the paint is completely dry. Wet paint is hazardous waste. Find out how to dispose of it here.

Ways to Reuse


Wash & Store Later

If you clean your paint brushes, they can be used for later projects and crafts. Watch this video from a paint company on how to properly clean the paint off of a roller cover or brush.


Throw Out the Roller Cover, but Not the Holder

If you are finished with your paint roller, you can dispose of the roller cover by sliding it off the roller. The roller can be saved to be used for future projects, or donated for others to use.

Did You Know?

We All Buy Too Much Paint!

Leftover paint is the single largest waste stream that local Household Hazardous Waste programs find themselves managing. According to the EPA, approximately 10% of all paint sold each year will not be used.