Tea Bags (Paper)

Put in Organics Bin

Break it Down

Tea bags are made up of various parts. You can compost the paper if it is 100% fiber, as well as the string used in standard tea bags. Remove the staple that secures the paper tag to the string and cut off the adhesive used to heat-seal the edge of the paper tea bag and place both in garbage.

Plastic Tea Bags and/or Packaging Are Garbage

Some tea bags are made of plastic or are individually wrapped in plastic sleeves to preserve the flavor and potency of the tea leaves. After cutting open the tea bag and emptying the tea leaves into the compost, place the plastic tea bags and sleeves in the garbage.

Opt for Unbleached Paper

If buying tea bags, choose varieties that come in unbleached paper bags instead of bleached paper bags or plastic bags.

Do Not Compost Pyramid Tea Bags

Pyramid tea bags are made from plastic and aren’t compostable.

Ways to Reduce

Switch to Bulk Tea

Instead of buying tea in disposable bags, opt for loose leaf tea in bulk that you can steep with a reusable infuser or strainer. 

Did You Know?

Microplastics From Tea Bags

According to a recent study, a single plastic tea bag can release over 10 billion particles of microplastics into a cup of hot water. Read more from the BBC.