Vacuum Cleaners

Alternative ways to recycle
Illegal in Garbage & Drains
Recycle With E-Waste
Trash Bin

Never Throw in the Garbage

Small appliances and other electronics contain hazardous materials. Don’t throw them away because they can leach toxic chemicals into the environment.

Alternative Ways to Recycle


Best Buy's Electronics and Appliances Recycling Program

Best Buy will take back vacuums, fans and other home electronics for free. They also offer a buyback program for more desired electronics. They accept up to three items per day from each household. Find a location here.

Ways to Reduce

Invest in a Durable Vacuum

Do some research and invest in a vacuum cleaner model that is built to last. A quality vacuum will last longer, require less maintenance and fewer repairs, and work more efficiently.

Go Bagless

When it’s time for a new vacuum cleaner, switch to a bagless vacuum. They are easy to empty and you will create less waste in the long run.

Buy Secondhand

Buying a used vacuum cleaner is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. You can find lightly used vacuum cleaners at thrift shops or online marketplaces.


Repair Your Vacuum

When your vacuum cleaner stops working, that doesn’t usually mean it’s the end of its life. If you have time, consider a DIY repair (with some research) or take it to a specialist to restore it to working condition.

Ways to Reuse

Sell or Donate to a Thrift Store

If your vacuum cleaner is still in usable condition, consider selling it to a community member on a platform such as Nextdoor, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, or drop it off at a thrift store that accepts them.