Zip Ties

Put in Garbage

Do Not Recycle

Zip ties are too small to be recycled, can damage recycling equipment, and create safety hazards for workers.

Ways to Reduce

Buy UV-Resistant for Outdoor Use

Outdoor-use zip ties will be heavier duty and UV-resistant, so they’ll last a lot longer. Most zip ties are made for indoor use and break down quickly in sunlight.

Choose Recycled Zip Ties

Reduce your footprint by using zip ties made from recycled plastic instead of new plastic.

Opt For Velcro

When possible, opt for reusable velcro straps instead of zip ties. Even though zip ties can technically be reused, they don’t last as long as a velcro strap.

Ways to Reuse

Reuse Your Zip Ties

Zip ties can actually be reused — at least a couple of times. Use something with a sharp pointed end, like a safety pin or small screwdriver, to gently loosen a zip tie so it can be removed and used again. Watch this video to learn how.

Repurpose Your Zip Ties

Have a bunch of zip ties left over from a project? They’re great for everyday use, such as replacing broken zipper pulls, creating makeshift key rings, and making loops for hanging items around your home. For more ideas, check out these lists by Family Handyman or One Good Thing.