The City of Torrance Sanitation Division handles residential trash and recycling collection.

Here are the collection guidelines:

  • Per City Ordinance, recycling and refuse containers must be taken to the curb or collection area no sooner than 12 hours prior to collection, and then removed from the curb or collection area no later than 12 hours after collection.
  • Place containers when full at curb for collection by 7 am the morning of collection day.
  • Place containers so that lid openings face the street. Place materials in the containers; materials on the ground will not be collected.
  • Leave about 18″ of space between the containers.
  • Place containers at least 3′ away for any obstruction such as a car, lamp post or fence.
  • Weight of the container and its contents cannot exceed 200 pounds.
  • Some residents with alley collection will use the shared 300 gallon refuse container for refuse. Please remove the gray and green bins from the alley and store in your own yard until the next collection day.