Yard waste and food waste (sometimes called organics) amount to almost 50% of the trash Torrance residents dispose of each year. Most of these materials could be turned into a valuable soil amendment or mulch by composting in your own backyard.

To learn more about reducing yard waste, view our online resources on composting, grasscycling, and worm farms, visit Torrance’s Demonstration Garden, or participate in a free workshop!

To learn more about soil regeneration and regenerative agriculture, check out the organization Kiss the Ground.


Free Workshops

Free workshops are offered periodically to teach residents about composting and gardening. They are operated in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. No reservations are needed. Workshops are held on Saturdays from 9:30am to 11am. Workshops begin promptly at 9:30am. County residents have the opportunity to purchase compost bins after each workshop. (Residents of Torrance always have the opportunity to purchase compost bins.)

See a schedule of all composting workshops sponsored by LA County.


Currently, the following two workshops are offered:

Intro to Composting: Learn the basic techniques of backyard composting, worm composting, water-wise gardening, grasscycling, and edible gardening. These techniques will help you reduce your yard waste:

  • Composting: The natural way to mulch and replenish the soil using yard waste and kitchen scraps.
  • Grasscycling: Leave your clippings on the lawn and add water and nitrogen to your soil.
  • Worm Composting: Make great compost using your kitchen scraps.
  • Water-Wise Gardening: Reduce water use and yard trimmings by planting drought-tolerant and low-maintenance plants.

Organic Gardening: Learn the fundamental principles for drought-tolerant landscaping, integrated pest management, building healthy soil and composting at home.

Electric Mower Rebate Program

Please visit the AQMD website to access the lists of Lawn Mower Manufacturers, and certified scrappers as well as Frequently Asked Questions. You can also email AQMD at [email protected] or call them Tuesday-Friday at (888) 425-6247.

Need Mulch?

Get free mulch! Just bring your own shovel and bucket. Load up your own containers and take as much as you need, available at:

Lago Seco Park
3920 235th Street
Map & Directions
Bark chips from City trees. Located south of Community Gardens near parking lot. Open during park hours. Material availability varies.

Gaffey Street S.A.F.E. Center
1400 N Gaffey St, San Pedro | (800) 773-2489
Map & Directions
Bring your own bag and shovel. This location also houses a hazardous waste and electronics recycling center with different operating hours. Call for more information.

For additional information, check out the South Bay Cities web resources on Environmentally Friendly Landscaping, Gardening and Pest Control.